Buying Into The Carpool Lane

Scott Adams nailed me today:


Living in the Bay Area, I’m anything except “rich”.  But I guess according to most standards, I’m in the top few percent.  But I can’t remember how often I have said this to my friends:  “The only reason I got a hybrid was to buy my way into the carpool lane.”

And yeah, it is totally worth it!!!   But how much did our government make off my desire to drive faster than all the commoners?  $8.  Honda got the rest.  What a bunch of suckers.

I Wish I Had 12 Fingers

On each limb, we have five fingers and toes,
Which are the source of my recent aging woes.
They make us humans think in base 10,
But if I had twelve, I’d be young again!

You see, they say age 40 is the border of old,
Regardless of whether you feel young or bold.
Cross that line, and you’re halfway finished,
The vitality of youth will soon diminish.
But in base twelve, I’m only thirty four,
With 8 more years and long before,
I hit that old and disheartening age,
Of back pain and memory loss that burdens the sage.

But I guess I’m lucky and should not curse,
For my situation could be much worse,
Eight fingers to some, might seem quite nifty,
But if I had only eight, I’d now be fifty!

I liked the old

boring2 Marc’s blog is dead.  Since he won’t allow comments there, I’m commenting here…

As far back as I can see, all Marc’s posts are just advertisements for Ben’s blog.  Ben’s a smart guy, who I respect a lot, for a whole bunch of reasons.  And he probably writes better than Marc does by a mile.  But his blog is so droll!  I can never get through the first paragraph or so without falling asleep!  It’s a compilation of self-help articles for entrepreneurs.  Blech!

Marc – write!  Don’t get our hopes up with this boring Management-101 crap from Ben!  Hmm… wonder what he’ll say about my crappy blog…

I’m No Longer A Googler

Conan O’Brien was here at Google last week.  In his opening remarks, he said,

You call yourself ’Googlers’? Is that it? Let’s address that.  We can do better than ‘Googler’.  Ok.  We need something cooler.  Especially for the guys when they walk into a bar.  ‘I’m-a-I’m-a Gooooglgllgleeer’ [you have to Conan’s voice]

Conan is right.  “Googler” is a goofy nickname.

Microsoft does it too.  Inside of Microsoft, they call each other “Microsofties”, or sometimes just “softies”.

What is it with tech companies needing diminutive, feminine, metro-sexual identities?  Is it part of being in some sort of cult?  I guess every successful group has to identify themselves somehow.

Conan did offer some suggestions (you can hear them in the video).  They weren’t very good either.

Anyway, from this point forward, I’m not a Googler anymore.  I still work at Google, but “Googler” is gone from my vocabulary.  Thanks Conan!

A Video Site Worth Using!

I never really understood YouTube.  It’s neat, I guess.  But frankly, its mostly junk, and I hardly ever use it (I don’t even have a YouTube account).  However, over the last week I’ve really started to notice Hulu, a completely different approach to online video.  Unlike YouTube, Hulu could be the Comcast of the future.

Hulu does not have any home made videos (which are usually low quality).  Rather, they license high-quality movie and television content that you’d actually want to watch.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have cable at home, or maybe its because the video is actually really good quality – but this is a service I like.  I watched the movie “Spy Games” with Robert Redford & Brad Pitt the other night, and it was great.

Advantages of Hulu:
* High-quality video.
* Content that you’ll recognize and want to watch.
* They do include advertisements during the video, but they’re usually 15-30s, and quite minor compared to cable television.
* They even offer some custom content only found on Hulu such as Crawford and Dr. Horrible.

Disadvantages of Hulu:
* Limited selection of content.  (But improving all the time!)
* You are required to login to view much of the content.  (Not too bad though)