I’m No Longer A Googler

Conan O’Brien was here at Google last week.  In his opening remarks, he said,

You call yourself ’Googlers’? Is that it? Let’s address that.  We can do better than ‘Googler’.  Ok.  We need something cooler.  Especially for the guys when they walk into a bar.  ‘I’m-a-I’m-a Gooooglgllgleeer’ [you have to Conan’s voice]

Conan is right.  “Googler” is a goofy nickname.

Microsoft does it too.  Inside of Microsoft, they call each other “Microsofties”, or sometimes just “softies”.

What is it with tech companies needing diminutive, feminine, metro-sexual identities?  Is it part of being in some sort of cult?  I guess every successful group has to identify themselves somehow.

Conan did offer some suggestions (you can hear them in the video).  They weren’t very good either.

Anyway, from this point forward, I’m not a Googler anymore.  I still work at Google, but “Googler” is gone from my vocabulary.  Thanks Conan!

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