I Wish I Had 12 Fingers

On each limb, we have five fingers and toes,
Which are the source of my recent aging woes.
They make us humans think in base 10,
But if I had twelve, I’d be young again!

You see, they say age 40 is the border of old,
Regardless of whether you feel young or bold.
Cross that line, and you’re halfway finished,
The vitality of youth will soon diminish.
But in base twelve, I’m only thirty four,
With 8 more years and long before,
I hit that old and disheartening age,
Of back pain and memory loss that burdens the sage.

But I guess I’m lucky and should not curse,
For my situation could be much worse,
Eight fingers to some, might seem quite nifty,
But if I had only eight, I’d now be fifty!

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