Buying Into The Carpool Lane

Scott Adams nailed me today:


Living in the Bay Area, I’m anything except “rich”.  But I guess according to most standards, I’m in the top few percent.  But I can’t remember how often I have said this to my friends:  “The only reason I got a hybrid was to buy my way into the carpool lane.”

And yeah, it is totally worth it!!!   But how much did our government make off my desire to drive faster than all the commoners?  $8.  Honda got the rest.  What a bunch of suckers.

One thought on “Buying Into The Carpool Lane

  • February 3, 2011 at 6:20 am

    I did the same think. The day after Bush the younger signed the transportation bill that approved the carpool lane stickers for hybrids, I walked into a Toyota dealership and bought a Prius. I never would have purchased it absent the carpool lane incentive.


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