Bought a Dell

I just bought my first Dell laptop.  I’m happy with most all of it.  The hardware is great.

The only “fine print” to watch out for is the list of stuff you’ll have to uninstall.  It might be quicker to just re-image the box.  The uninstall list:

  1. AOL
  2. Earthlink
  3. Banctec Service Agreement
  4. Google Desktop
  5. McAfee Security Center
  6. Internet Service Offers Launcher
  7. Yahoo Music Jukebox
  8. Roxio
  9. Cyberlink OutlookAddinSetup
  10. NetWaiting
  11. NetZeroInstallers
  12. QuickSet
  13. Corel Paint Shop Pro
  14. Corel Snapfire Plus
  15. Microsoft Works
  16. Dell Games

There are more things on there too….  If you’ve got vista, it’s nice though, because for each uninstall you click “Yes”, but then, in order to be secure, it also asks you “Cancel or Allow”?  I feel safer.

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