How I Became an IE6 User All Over Again in 2010

ie6 In my day job I do a lot of network tracing to understand packet flow.  As it turns out, the tool I needed only works on Windows XP, and all of my systems are running Vista or Win7.  But this is no problem for me – the OSes are basically the same.  So, I downloaded a copy of XP from my MSDN license, and within a few minutes I was installing it again.  How nostalgic!

Two hours later, my shiny, new Windows XP was rearing to go.  And bundled for free was a brand new copy of Internet Explorer 6 – arguably the most despised web browser of web developers everywhere.  Sure, it’s 10 years old, but thousands of users (like me!) upgrade to it every day (it is the world’s most popular operating system, you know).

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