Operating System Install: FreeBSD

I installed FreeBSD for the first time in a long time today.  I had to install it twice.  That sounds really bad, but it was for a surprising reason.

The install was pretty simple from the DVD; it kept asking me questions, and I answered them quickly, and after about 5 minutes, the entire process was complete.  Because the process was so fast, that I thought I had done something wrong (perhaps I had been bit by the cluky ANSI installation interface), so I installed again.  But again, it was a quick process and only took 5 minutes and then it returned to the main install screen.  Puzzling.

After a minute of thinking, I decided to try to boot.  And it worked!

So the entire from-scratch install process only took 5 minutes!  I certainly didn’t expect any sluggish Microsoft-like install times, but 5 minutes was amazing.  I guess they needed a bigger “I’m done” screen so that idiots like me won’t have to install twice.

One thought on “Operating System Install: FreeBSD

  • February 8, 2010 at 2:01 pm

    Haha, Mike, welcome to the new world.

    The fastest way to get a **nix running on my computer is to download a USB boot image and copy to a USB stick, plug it to the usb port, boot, and DONE.


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