Vista Without Dual Core

slow2 I’ve been a pretty big fan of Vista so far at home.  This week I installed Vista on a machine at work.  While the machine is a slightly older one, its no slouch – its a 2.66GHz Hyperthreaded P4 with 3GB of RAM.  But the machine is as slow as a dog running Vista.  I had no trouble with XP on this system, but Vista is janky; it frequently lags and stalls doing basic operations.

All in all, it makes me think the class action lawsuit against Microsoft may have some merit.  It certainly makes me think Microsoft’s claim of minimum Vista requirements is a joke.

If upgrading to Vista, make sure you’ve got a dual core system.  I’d bet that the vast majority of developers at Microsoft run exclusively on dual core (or better) machines.  [We developers at Google probably do too, but at least I’m still using this one :-)]

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