My Favorite Geek Resources

If you write a lot of software and have your own stuff that you host and tinker with, here are some recommendations:

1) ServerBeach!  ServerBeach provides dedicated server hosting.  Need a place to hack on perl, python, apache, and php?  These guys have great bandwidth, great support, and zero downtime.  I pay $99/mo.  Checkout my uptime:

[mbelshe@s1]$ uptime
 11:02:04 up 422 days,  3:32,  2 users,  load average: 1.41, 1.07, 0.82

2) Code Project.  This is just a great site for collecting articles about random coding topics, with concrete examples.  I read the RSS feed daily.  Sure, there are people that post weak articles, but reading this daily gets your mind thinking about topics you wouldn’t have otherwise considered.

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