Microsoft’s Revenue Breakdown – 2003-2006

Here is how Microsoft’s business breaks down. This data is all from Microsoft’s Annual Report, June 30, 2006.

From 2003-2006, Microsoft has reported revenues in 7 business units. Prior to that they reported 4 business units, but I’m not going that far back. I’ve also included data from Google’s annual reports 2003-2006 just to put things into perspective.

Click the charts for full details.

Microsoft’s businesses are:

  • Client (Windows)
  • Information Worker (Office)
  • Server & Tools (Windows Server,
    Exchange, SQL Server, etc)
  • Home Entertainment (XBox)
  • MSN
  • Business Solutions (CRM, SBA)
  • Mobile (Windows Mobile)

Notice that 3 of Microsoft’s business units are each significantly larger than Google as a whole, both in terms of revenue and income. (I estimated Google’s 2006 numbers, since they are not reported yet).

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