Vista DRM Controversy

The top 10 results on Google News search for “Vista DRM” today reference this ridiculous Peter Gutmann article.  This is a bunch of Microsoft bashing.  I’m actually surprised at how many so-called news sources are quoting this article without thinking.

Gutmann uses some cool sound-bites, though, like:

 “The Vista Content Protection specification could very well constitute the longest suicide note in history”


“This seems a bit like breaking the legs of Olympic athletes and then rating them based on how fast they can hobble on crutches.”

Yeah right.

Do you really think Apple is going to skip DRM, be legally prohibited from displaying HD content, and force their users to use Windows?  Ha!  Don’t blame Microsoft for this one, guys.  It’s the movie and music industry.  And it’s their content and their choice for how to protect it.  If you want, you can cast your vote by not buying the content.  Vista is just another viewing medium – like your TV, CD player, DVR, etc.

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