Marc Cuban Can’t Let It Go

I’ve been a fan of the Blog Maverick for some time.  But…

I don’t understand why he can’t stop ripping on YouTube.  He’s been wrong about 50 times, and yet he keeps going on and on and on.  With no evidence yet surfacing that he was right, he’s now just on a quest to insult and belittle the whole thing.  In the end, he’s going to be at least partially right – the User-Created Video market is just too immature to not have upheavals which will at least partly corroborate his claims.  Move on to another topic – you’re a smart guy – but you were wrong on this one.  For some reason, I think you are just waiting for some downturn to say “I told you so”.  We all know there will be a downturn.  So don’t take credit for the obvious!

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