Hasta-la-vista Adobe Acrobat!


I so like using my new PDF reader that I have to post this article. Thanks to Marc Orchant for first posting about it.

If you’ve been surprised by Adobe’s staggering 50MB of size, or annoyed by its slow load time, or annoyed by its nagging “upgrade me” notices, then Foxit’s PDF reader is for you. From what I can tell, it loads up every PDF you can throw at it. And, it is faster than blazes. I’ve often used Google’s “translate from PDF to Text” feature to avoid using Adobe’s slow Acrobat reader, but with Foxit, you don’t need to do it anymore because it loads so quickly.

Foxit’s reader loads instantly. It’s only a 1MB download, and it is free! Get it while it’s hot!

Further, if you create PDF documents, Foxit has their own editor for sale too. I haven’t tried it, but the price tag is $99 compared to Adobe’s $449…

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