Consumer Power via Blogs

If you haven’t already seen Thomas Hawk’s PriceRitePhoto Story, it is an interesting read.

In summary, he got baited by one of the Digital Camera scam sites (having just purchased a camera online myself, I had seen such horror stories and was lucky enough to avoid them!)

What is amazing about Thomas’ story is it’s demonstration of how powerful a blog can be!

Within 1 week of his posting, the following happened:
* Searching for “priceritephoto” on Google, Yahoo! and MSN surfaces Thomas’ review of his negative experience as the #1 result.
* PriceRitePhoto was dropped from several major price comparison engines
* PriceRitePhoto turned around and tried to fix the service issue; and claims to have fired at least one individual with their firm

All in all, that is pretty cool. I hope the reporting on the story is all accurate. But, if you’ve ever been scammed by an online site, it may be time to invest in a blog, and be ready to share your experiences on digg!

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