Lookout Mentions

Its always fun, although perhaps somewhat narcisistic, to see who is writing about Lookout 🙂

Today I ran into a nice mini review of Lookout and other tools. Lookout wins!

And here is another from a guy that uses Lookout + Newsgator.

Another satisfied user says that Lookout “doesn’t suck”, is fast and worth the price.

Scott Waterman wrote this great entry comparing Lookout to Gmail. Nice to be considered among the big boys!

And I guess Scott’s article prompted this nice review too.

Another guy says that “Lookout is [his] best friend”

Here’s one about a guy taking a stroll down memory lane due to all the stuff he can now drudge up via Lookout.

Here is another fan that says he “heartily recommends” Lookout.

And here is one more nice writeup which was just posted today!

And amazingly, all of those are just in June!

Why do I search for all these entries? Well, its partly because its fun to read nice comments about your work. But its also because I’m deadly paranoid that someone out there ran into some wierd problem that I haven’t otherwise heard of yet – and I’m searching for it. But, so far, while I’ve found all these nice, warm-fuzzy reviews, I haven’t seen anyone saying anything bad. Phew!

And I really like this last one, because Lookout was the impetus for his very first blog entry! How flattering!