How much spy mail do you get? Who from?

I’ve been running my no-spy-mail utility for a little over a week now. Its definitely been an interesting experience.

First, a little about my email. My test mailbox is mostly spam – probably 98% spam. Its unfiltered in any way. Since running nospymail, I’ve trapped 313 spymail emails! Holy cow!

Whats going on is that its trapping all the spammer sites that use http images to track their advertising campaigns. Probably the reason I get so much spam is the very fact I haven’t been running nospymail or antispam products. Most of the mail I don’t open, of course. But, each time I accidentally do, or leave the cursor in the wrong spot to open a message, BOOM – the spammer gets a nice little note saying that mike @ received and read advertising campaign #38273. His IP address is W.X.Y.Z, he read the email from somewhere in Santa Clara county, and his browser is Internet Explorer 6.0. Thats more info than I care to give those guys. I’m glad its working.

The spammer sites are also just flooding out email. There is one site, sending me mortgage stuff, which sends me about 5-6 spymail messages PER HOUR. Their site is Just a spam company.

Anyway, mildly interesting. I’ve passed NoSpyMail to a couple of friends now. At first they were like, “yeah yeah, spy mail. spy ware. viruses. spam… yuk.” But, once you get your first notification that someone is spying on you, you get *really* curious.