AT&T Call Dropping

I called AT&T today. Here is the approximate transcript from the call:

me: Hi, I’d like to make a change to my service.

att: Ok, what would you like to change?

me: I’d like to cancel my free Call Dropping Service.

att: Ok, I’m loading your account now, one minute.

me: Thanks.

att: I’m sorry, sir, we’ don’t have any Call Dropping Service.

me: Are you sure? Don’t use AT&T?

The operator was quite nice and helped lookup a variety of other AT&T services as well. She checked to see if they had a “Call Scrambling” service, as well as a “Automatic Call Blocking” service (where AT&T automatically doesn’t deliver a call). The last one tripped her up because they do have a service by that name, but she didn’t understand that I had never configured it and that I seemed to be describing having used it.

Eventually I got bored and hung up. Thank you to the patient operator. I still hate AT&T though.

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