Local Unions, National Ambitions

nounions This week, shopping addicts Obama and Pelosi, spent another $26B on stimulus.  They’d have you believe this is about saving jobs for teachers and firefighters.  But that is such a mischaracterization.

To understand the problem, you first need to fully understand how local unions have bankrupted the states.  This has hit California particularly hard over the past 30 years, but the same drama is playing out in states across the country.  For the full details, go read this article to understand how Jerry Brown enabled public service workers in California to unionize, and how ever since then, California has fallen from grace.

At this point, the Unions have tapped out the states.  In the past, they’ve always been able to squeeze a little more money out of California.  But California has been bled dry.

Recognizing that they’ve exhausted local money, the massive, cash-rich unions are turning to their only available savior:  the federal government.  Unfortunately, Obama and Pelosi are too clueless to know what is happening.

It’s sad to hear this – but it is true.  We pay our public workers too much.  The only solution is to cut pay or to cut workers.  Federal bailouts will not cure the disease.  We need to eliminate unions from our public jobs and start anew.

One thought on “Local Unions, National Ambitions

  • August 12, 2010 at 2:55 pm

    I think its naive to think that Obama and Pelosi are clueless (and your blog doesn’t strike me as naive). On the contrary, they are good at their jobs (i.e. being professional politicians). If one’s objective is to keep one’s job for as long as possible within the reasonable time frame (i.e. very short term as far as life of a nation goes), one has to secure voting blocks. In the second half of last century, our politicians realized they could unite govt workers as a voting block, on both state and federal levels. From then on, govt workers have been promised more and more, the government is continually expanding, and there is absolutely zero incentive for this process to abate. At the rate we are going, this is going to be a far larger bubble than either the dot com or the real estate bubbles. We are adding govt jobs at an unprecedented rate. What is to stop the US from ending up like Greece?


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