Democrats Agree – Democrat Policies Caused California Financial Crisis

brown Willie Brown, former State Speaker and also former Mayor of San Francisco, made a surprising interview this week.  In an unusual interview,  he acknowledged that his Democratic political agenda is largely responsible the the financial meltdown here in California.

His quotes in the interview are jaw-dropping.  Not only does he admit that the spending policies threw California into massive debt, but he also admits that he, and the other legislators did this without really having tried to analyze the effects of the laws they were implementing.

Here is a nice quote,  "I had actually participated in moving legislation to reduce the retirement age for teachers and I did it with great pride and I created it in my resume as one of my great achievements… Nobody took the time to do the analysis that would have persuaded us we needed to add money to make it work”

Well, that’s good to know.

He goes on to be fairly self-critical, “I may have been one of the key architects of many of the things that have created a challenge for my successors.”

So there you have it – even Willie Brown knows that Democrats are the architects of our problems.  But Brown couldn’t do it alone – it took all of them – much like Obama is doing now – to systematically ignore logic and common sense in favor of grabbing votes by promising to spend money on programs we know we cannot afford.

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