Apple The Virus

I seem to accidentally get QuickTime on my machine a lot.  Most recently, it’s probably because I tested the Safari browser at home.  But when you do have the misfortune of being infected by anything Apple related, Apple invariably starts prompting for updates every day.  It’s like saying, “Would you like to uninstall me now?”  The answer is yes, but they don’t give you a nice, convenient button.

I don’t know why utility companies don’t get it – being in front of the user does not help your brand.  Don’t take up a slot in the system tray.  Don’t prompt if I’m not even using your software.  After all, if I don’t use Quicktime, why on earth would I care about security updates for it?  It does not help make users love you.  It does not remind them, “oh yeah, I’ve got this great stuff I’m not using.”  It’s just annoying.  You should stop.  Lest you get uninstalled, like Quicktime, Safari, Apple Update, and every other piece of Apple-related junk on my system.

A guess it’s a testament to the Apple brand that they can get away with these types of antics.

Update:  Looks like Apple is as annoying in French as English.

2 thoughts on “Apple The Virus

  • December 17, 2007 at 10:13 pm

    Of course I’m not kidding. If the damn software is unused by me it ought not be running on my system. You’re just pointing out that not only are they updating improperly, they’re adding themselves to the system tray in other run-at-startup places where they shouldn’t.


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