Democrats Won’t Stop The War

Being in California, there are a lot of Democrats around me.  Most will vote Democratic next year, primarily in hopes that they will end the insanity in Iraq.  Unfortunately, the Democrats won’t do it.

Democrats had the opportunity when they were given the majority in both the house and senate.  Instead of ending the war, they approved Bush’s request for more funds.  What a bunch of wimps.

Here is what will happen if we elect Clinton or Obama. “I’m putting together a plan which will reduce our troops in Iraq by 50,000 immediately, and bring all troops home within 5 years”.  Yes, it’s going to be years.  Both Obama and Clinton have confirmed their intention to reduce troops; both neither will commit to bringing them all home.  These politicians are too weak to actually do what we need.  Worse, they both have said they’d agree to spending billions of dollars for reconstruction in Iraq.  Hello?!  These are people that burn their own libraries.  Why would we build them?

Ironically, the Republicans aren’t any better.  Desperate for Bush’s blessing, and scared to admit “we were wrong”, they take the view of “we need to stay in Iraq”.  Equally insane.

When will one candidate; any candidate – come forward and say “immediate, unconditional, 100% withdrawal”?  The brave candidate that does this will have my vote.

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