Engineering Graduates and Bad Legislation

We’re not getting enough American college engineering graduates to fill the jobs we’ve got.  We’re in a global economy, and companies like Google and Microsoft are not only doing business for our fellow Americans, but also for the entire globe.  Each of these companies (like most other large US businesses) is generating more revenue outside the US than inside the US.  To continue to build, we need more college-educated Americans ready to dive into tech.  At the same time, in China and India, “they have more honors kids than we have kids“.  Is it any wonder that we need to import so many workers?  Don’t get me wrong; I’m not against international workers; I think it’s fine.  But, America needs to grow its educated workforce if it wants to compete.

At the same time, we’ve got looney politicians like George Miller, introducing legislation to cut funding to schools that don’t police illegal music trading by its students.  WHAT?  Since when do colleges need to do the RIAA’s dirty work in order to get federal funding?  This politician needs to take a broader perspective – he’s just wrong. 

It’s so sad when our politicians are prioritizing the music business ahead of our nation’s future.  We need to make lobbyists criminals.

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