When They Take Away the Full RSS Feed…

This has happened a few times to me.  I find a blog I enjoy, and I read it for some time.  Maybe a year or more.  Then, one day, the author of the blog stops posting full-article feeds.  What do you do?

In my case, I have always stopped reading.  There’s just too much content out there to go following every link.  In order to follow a link, I need to be searching for something, and also be under the belief that the link will help me.  When browsing through the day’s news, I am not searching for anything specific.  So naturally, I won’t click the link.

This happened to me with some zdnet blogs a while ago (actually, I think they never published a full feed?), and this month it happened with Kawasaki’s blog.  I sent a nice email to Guy – but we’ll see if he responds; I’m sure he gets a lot of junk.

What do you do?  I bet few people follow the clicks.

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