I’m Cruel, but Mother Nature is More Cruel

I think spending money on Africa is a waste of money.  I’m not unaware of the human suffering.  I’m not racist.  You may think I am cruel.

Africa is what happens when you overpopulate the planet.  Africa represents about 15% of the world’s population.  Over the next 50 years, it will increase to ~30% of the world’s population.   It also represents about 69% of the world’s AIDS cases. 

AIDS is a like a famine.  It’s Mother Nature’s way of adapting to too large of a population of one species.  Africa is just an example of what we already know:  Either we learn to control ourselves- have fewer children and take better care of the planet, or Mother Nature will do it for us.  If we don’t, what is happening to Africa will happen to every other country in the future.  It may seem cruel to limit population growth here in the US.  It may seem cruel not to “help” Africa.  But trying to stop forces of overpopulation is no different than trying to stop a  tornado.  You can’t.

Unfortunately, the United States will eventually be like Africa.  Mother Nature will destroy our children if we don’t limit them.

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