Eco-cups Part II

This is a follow up to my article yesterday about Ecotainers.  This morning I received a call from a woman that works in the Scottsdale, Arizona office for International Paper about their Eco Cups and my complaint.

She was very apologetic, and genuinely wants to fix the problem.  She gave me a fed-ex number so that I can physically mail her the cup so that they can analyze it.  Wow!  She went on to say that it’s a new technology, and they apologize if their manufacturing processes aren’t 100% perfect; but they definitely want to fix it.  She even asked if I had sustained any damages from my leaky cup, but I just chuckled and said it was ok.

So, I take back all my cynicism about their boardroom discussions and being cheap.  It’s not cheap to find a customer like me, call them, get the cup, analyze it, and try to apply the lessons learned.  Kudos for Ecotainer!

One thought on “Eco-cups Part II

  • March 19, 2008 at 11:19 am

    Don’t believe a thing that IP says, we have a coffee shop and over 30% of these so called eco-cups leak immediately and over 50% after just a few minutes. They gave us that same line of BS when we complained. They asked that we sent them a few sample sleeves for testing. After the “test”, they sent us a case of the new cups and guess what? The leak as well, and as bad.

    No refund, no correction. Our issue is still an open ticket with them but we are using someone elses cups from now on. IP has great phone operators and lousy service/products.


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