I Would take HGH If I Could

The Marion Jones case today gets me thinking about steroids.

For some reason, steroids are illegal.  They say that steroids can cause irreparable harm in children when improperly used.  I’m sure this is true, but even the Partnership for a Drug-Free America concludes that “long-term, high-dose effects of steroid use are largely unknown”.   Although I’m no doctor, Barry Bonds and Marion Jones seem just fine.  Why are these athletes able to successfully use steroids when they are allegedly so bad for us?

The difference is that professional athletes like Bonds and Jones can afford doctors to help administer the drugs properly, albeit illegally.  Steroids are dangerous not just because of the drug, but because we make it illegal to get professional help using them.

If we just let people use steroids, would these drugs really be dangerous?  Probably – drugs are drugs.  But, getting medical help would definitely reduce injuries and spot unwanted side effects early.

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again.  If HGH were legal and cheap, I’d be using it myself.  We’re so afraid of the word “steroids”, we don’t even look to see if there are benefits.  There is no doubt there are huge HGH scams running rampant right now.  Wouldn’t the best way to quell the scams be to simply make HGH legal?  False advertising and snake oil salesmen would be out of business overnight.

2 thoughts on “I Would take HGH If I Could

  • October 16, 2007 at 3:34 am

    Replace HGH with Marijuana and the same applies, it’s illegal but has many benefits and is safer than cigarettes, alcohol or other Big-Pharma provided relaxants. It’s all down to politics and who’s scratching who’s back with the wad of $100’s, if Big-HGH threw as much money at the government as Big-Pharma did (plus a little more) the song they’d all be singing would soon change.

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