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galaxy You’d think that I’d be able to put two and two together and realize that a blog is a long term liability with little likelihood of making my life or career better.  And it lasts forever.  I can delete the website, but records of my misguided thoughts are indelibly written on the face of the Internet.  Why do I do this?

I write this today because I frequently get questions from colleagues about my blog posts.  If I say something too positive about Google or too negative about Microsoft, they say, “you just are anti-Microsoft now that you joined Google”.  And, if I say something negative about Google, they say, “are you planning on leaving or something?”  Why would what I write on this blog lead anyone to such a conclusion?

I guess to some, loyalty to their colleagues and employer would include always speaking positively about them.  I guess there is some truth to that.  But, does loyalty and dedication mean that you can’t publicly criticize?  Maybe I’m just a jerk!

Unfortunately for me, when I write, I always write to be persuasive.  After all, if you aren’t trying to make a point, what is the point?  But, I have the tendency to be so absolute in my specific argument that readers often want to apply my position on a specific to topic to more general topics.  This is a fallacy of the reader, and not a fallacy of the writer.

Nonetheless, regardless of who is misinterpreting the facts, I am the one with the reputation from this blog.  It doesn’t matter if I love working at Google, because when a reader who may be a VP at Google reads an individual negative post, they might think I am not a team player; my position in that single article was very specific.

So, to all you would-be bloggers out there – don’t start.  Unless you’re really trying to build something, blogging is a liability you cannot ditch.  It may seem like a place to write interesting things, but those things will come back to haunt you.  As for me, well, I guess I’m in it now.  This post marks my 400th blog entry.  It’s too hard for me to delete!

Lastly, let me set the record straight.  Regardless of what I say in my blog posts, I think Microsoft and Google are both great companies.  While I am worried that Microsoft is on the verge of dying due to its inability to migrate from the Windows albatross; and while I am worried that Microsoft will resort to leveraging its monopoly to ruthlessly crush Google; the fact is that nothing in life is nearly so dramatic or black and white.  It’s just the way I write.

Oh – but I really do think all lawyers are evil.  That’s not just being persuasive, that’s a fact.

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