New Windows Live Mail is Gorgeous

My colleagues at Hotmail Windows Live Mail released the new version of Hotmail this week.  It’s a pretty solid product as far as I can tell.  I am particularly impressed with its snappiness – much faster than the old Hotmail, and with a much more modern UI.

Top features:

  1. Search works!
  2. Preview pane (better than Gmail!)
  3. Generally speedy and quick (maybe not many users are on the new server farm yet?  get in while the going is good!)

My gripes with the product are few.  Primarily, the banner ad at the top-of-screen is excessively prominent, and most of the ads are animated and untargeted creating unnecessary clutter.  Also, it still inserts a promotional tagline at the bottom of your emails.  Both of these, however, are small gripes considering that the product is free.

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