Should Have Software

I posted last week the list of software I installed in wave 1.  Here is the software I have had to install since then.  I guess these are the “should have software” 🙂

  1. Axialis Icon Workshop
  2. Foxit
  3. Google Earth – I really only downloaded this because I wanted to see Santa.
  4. Google Desktop – I downloaded this because there was a new version out.  The UI is incredibly improved over the last version.  No need to wait for Vista’s sidebar – Google’s Desktop gives you the sidebar running on Windows XP.   To be fair, though, I haven’t been a big fan of either the Microsoft or Google offering.  This version is much better, but unless you’ve got dual monitors like me, I suspect you won’t want to give up the precious screen real estate.  To see the coolest feature ever, though, be sure to install and hit ctrl-ctrl (control key twice).  Fantastic!
  5. Cygwin
  6. Yahoo Toolbar – I really have no idea how this got on my system.  Those Yahoo folk are tricky!

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