Democrats vs Republicans – Lousy Choices

The Republicans got trounced yesterday with their “stay the course” policy.  Hooray!  Maybe now we’ll get out of Iraq and bring the troops home.  Everyone except our President knows that the battle is over and the rest of the “job in Iraq” can only be done by Iraqis themselves. 

But, why is it that in order to end the war we have to choose to elect the Democrats?  We’ve successfully kept them out of control in the House since 1995, and for good reason.  Now, don’t get me wrong, if I have to choose between the war in Iraq and electing Democrats, I’ll take the Democrats.  But this is a really awful choice.  Why can’t we keep the Republicans in the House and get out of Iraq?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should read Nancy Pelosi’s e-book.  She clearly states what she is all about:  taxes and social programs.

Here are her 6 tenets  for 2006:

1) Defense.  She wants to double the size of the military with a variety of expensive campaigns.  Well, anything is cheaper than war, I guess.
2) Raise the minimum wage.  (In other words, cause unemployment)
3) College.  Make college tuition tax deductible permanently, cut student loan interest rates, increase Grants, NSF, etc.  (In other words, increase taxes)
4) Energy.  More incentives for energy-efficiency.  (In other words, increase taxes)
5) Affordable Health Care.  Lower prices for seniors.  (Remember the baby boomers?  In other words, increase taxes)
6) Protect Social Security.  Gov’t retirement matching.  Remember the Baby Boomers?  In other words, massively increase taxes.

The stage is definitely set for the democrats.  Bush’s war is going to be the rally cry for Hillary Clinton in 2008.  Taxes… taxes…

I hate to say it, but it’s worth it as long as we get out of Iraq.

I wonder if George Bush realizes that his biggest legacy may not be the war in Iraq, but rather the depression he creates by forcing Americans to elect Democrats to get Bush to stop fighting this stupid war.

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