.NET Market Penetration

I am interested in knowing what percentage of PCs out there have the various versions of .NET installed.  I spent a lot of time collecting a set of data and coming up with the following numbers.   Strictly speaking, the numbers are guaranteed to be skewed based on the sites I got data from and based on the types of users that visit those sites.  But at least it is real data.  For some reason it’s very hard to find information about which .NET runtimes are in use out there!

The numbers:

Unique Users – 631.1K (100%)
.NET 1.0 – 113.2K (18%)
.NET 1.1 – 356.4K (56%)
.NET 2.0 – 64.8K (10%)

This data was compiled from a set of websites that shared logs with me during the month of September, 2006. Your mileage may vary.

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