Alternative Search from the Windows Live Toolbar

You may have read that the Windows Live Toolbar shipped yesterday.  It’s got a lot of new features, and uses the new Windows Live Search (  If you are like me, you may not like the new search engine because it’s still pretty slow (it is still in beta).  Since I do a lot of searches this is a show-stopper for me.  In fact, you might be inclined to uninstall the toolbar.  But wait! …

Before you do, consider keeping the toolbar and just swapping out the search engine to a faster one.  You can either do it through the Toolbar’s Options|Web Search|Other Search Engine setting, or just click on this file and it will set the following registry setting:

[HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftMSN AppsShared]

Alas, now you can have nice, speedy searches and have your toolbar too!

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