Now for the Hotmail Woes

I switched from gmail to hotmail, and initially was very happy. Things worked fine. Its only been a couple of days, but now hotmail seems to have forgotten that my timezone is PST.

I can send myself a message at 11am, and it arrives reasonably quick in my hotmail mailbox, but its got a stamp of 6pm! Maybe this is the new “predict the future feature”.

This really confused me this morning when I had emails from colleagues dated 5am this morning, but they were really sent late last night, and Hotmail just broke all the dates.

I can’t figure out how to fix this – there are no mail-specific settings for timezone, and the timezone on my passport profile is set correctly. Argh.

I’m not sure which is worse, slow, unreliable mail at gmail, or completely broken timestamps on my email at hotmail.

God have mercy, please don’t make me run my own mailserver?

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