US DOJ Rejects Google Claim that IE7 Hinders Competition

I had started a draft blog a few weeks ago when I first read of Google’s filing with the DOJ to block IE7 because they claimed it would hurt their search business. I was pretty disappointed when I read it – because working internally at Microsoft I know that there are zero companies on the planet working harder than Microsoft to make sure everything is legal. Microsoft is double and triple checking every product to make sure it’s fair. I’d bet no other company spends so much on legal defenses before shipping.

The good news is that the DOJ agrees with me, as documented in the NY Times.

For those readers out there that think I might have an anti-Google bias, I do not. I just hate being at a company that everyone loves to hate, so I try to keep things fair. Google is a great company, and they’ve done wonders for search and the software industry. But, they’re a monopoly, just like Microsoft. With 85% of the search market wrapped up, how can they not be? And so far, their brand is wonderful. They’ve done a great job at keeping a positive image with the public. That’s great, but lets still be fair to Microsoft.

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