Dell Coupons and a free one from me

I just purchased a couple of monitors online from Dell. Before buying, I went onto ebay and purchased a $35 coupon for $0.99. I’ve seen these before, but never used one. Given that it only cost a buck, I tried it. I paid for it via Paypal, and the coupon works great!

Only caveat – look out for shipping charges on ebay. Some of these guys want as much as $5.99 to send you an email with your coupon. “Shipping charges”? Ebay ought to ban fees on electronic delivery, as its nothing except misleading to the consumer, and makes purchasing take a lot longer due to reading the fine print.

On to the FREE STUFF – I ended up purchasing two coupons for the price of one (with $0.49 shipping), so if you want to use my second coupon, please take it. It expires on April 5th – the coupon number is 9DSK9N$0919$SL – I make no warranties, and the first person to use it gets it. It requires a $300 minimum purchase, and then you’ll get $35 off. Oh yeah – and no shipping charges 🙂

BTW – despite today’s date, this is not an April Fool’s Joke!

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