Glorious Carpool Lane

Glory to thee, foolish politician,
For creation of our traffic congestion,
For the only roads which don’t flow free,
Are those where you made a carpool lane be!

And now, for $25K and a sticker,
I drive straight through this traffic that’s thicker.
I used to frown and snarl, and grumpily complain,
About those selfish, fast pacers in the H-O-V lane.
But now that it is reserved solely for me,
I sing as I drive and I smile with glee!
I even say, “Let more carpool lanes be!”

You might think me unwise to not fear you’ll change laws,
But I know that you won’t due to your tree-hugging cause.
I really don’t care that my car helps with clean air,
I just want to drive without fear and without care,
That my routes will make me just sit there and stare.

To those who do not yet have their free passes,
Let it be known that it’s not for the masses.
If you were to come into my god-given space,
I’d end up put-putting all over the place.
So for now, I’m ecstatic to drive with such speed,
Past all of you suckers with politicians on weed.

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