Upgraded my Porsche

I’m happy to announce I’ve upgraded my ’98 Porsche Boxster to something that gets me to work faster!

Must be a 911, right? Or maybe a BMW 5 series? Something German? How about an ’06 Honda Civic Hybrid!

Sure, this car doesn’t have quite the power, prestige, look, or exhilaration that comes with the Porsche, but I get to work faster in my steadfast little car with brand-new HOV-lane (aka Carpool lane) stickers. I left home at 7:15 this morning and sailed into work by 8am. (this was an impossible time in the Porsche at that hour!) Particularly satisfying was zooming at 65mph past all the stopped traffic merging onto highway 237. It was certainly a congestion that would have cost me at least 15 minutes!

My friends laugh at me now because I’ve switched from being an aggressive driver to a granny. My “porsche lane” is gone (weaving through traffic at 90+mph). Now I seem to be more content trying to optimize my MPG up to 50 instead of extending my spedometer to read triple digits. But that virtual high-speed lane is never open during the commute times anyway, so I’m reasonably happy to replace it with my wide open 65mph commuter lane.

The only thing I miss is the convertible top. I must be getting old. But at least I saved 15 minutes.

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