Don’t let the state overspend (Proposition 76)

Of the propositions on the ballot this week, Prop 76 is one of the most complicated.

The basic premise of 76 is to prevent overspending within the state. California has had a long tradition of spending even in times of surplus, and 76 aims to curb that. The intentions are definitely good, but it’s specific mechanisms to do that are complicated. First, it limits state spending such that in years of surplus, the state can save money, rather than automatically spending the entire surplus. Second, it permits the governor, in some circumstances, to reduce spending at his own choice. Third, it overrides part of Proposition 98, which is has been a complicated formula for guaranteeing School Spending in our state.

I don’t like the idea of Proposition 98. Propositions that “guarantee funding” are just too inflexible for the demands of our government to last. Invariably, we outgrow these guarantees, and these types of propositions need to be replaced.

At the same time, however, my feeble brain can’t figure out if this plan is really good or not. Some say it will help the state, but they’ve failed to “connect the dots” such that I can understand how it will.

Therefore, I’m voting no on Prop 76. If it’s too complicated for me, it’s way too complicated for our politicians!

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