Javascript Worm

Here you can read the interesting story of the guy who hacked with a javascript worm. allows you to collect “friends”. Using javscript in his own profile, he was able to make any user that viewed his profile add him as a friend in the background without them knowing! And in doing so, he was able to collect over 1M “friends” in less than 1 day. Pretty impressive! It shows how exponential worm growth can be. For kids at home, don’t do it. Demolition is easy, building is hard.

He goes on to also post the details of how he got the javascript to work, too. Those of us who are programmers, know of many of these tricks. For those of who aren’t, well, take a look and see how easy it can be for a hacker to jump over roadblocks and get past the guards…

Oh yeah – I have verified that his pages don’t contain any hazardous javascript right now. So hopefully its safe to click on these links. But don’t hold me liable! He did it once, and seems to be sincere that it was just curiousity that made this happen, but who knows what he will do next!

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