Finding the BCC field…

I’m not a big user of the BCC field. This morning, however, is one of those rare occassions when I’m trying to use it, and I can’t find the damn thing!

I’m looking somewhat incredulously at my screen right now, and I’ve gone to the oh-so-helpful Microsoft Help, and I still can’t find it! I’m torn trying to figure out if this is my Mother’s non-techie genes interfering with my work today or my Dad’s intermittent memory gene. Either way, I’m stuck!

Here are the instructions from Microsoft for enabling the BCC field:

  1. In a message, click To .
  2. In the Type name or select from list box, type the name or click Advanced, and then click Find.
  3. In the Name list, click the name.
  4. Under Message Recipients, click Bcc.
  5. Click OK.

I got through step 3, but there is no “Message Recipients” anywhere on the damn screen!?!@#$#! Right click reveals nothing useful. Clicking the little bubble by the name reveals nothing. Nothing in the menus. Just nothing.

God damn it. Can’t do a BCC? What do I have to go back to elm? pine? What happened to “View BCC” on the menu?


OK – well, with the help of a colleague, we found the problem. On my machine, clicking “To” (as per the instructions) doesn’t open the “Select Names” dialog box. You have to *double click*. Minor distinction. But apparently important.

To all those readers (both of you) out there that thought I was technically inclined, know now that I am clearly not. Maybe my technical frustration today can bring a little smile to your morning.

I think I’ll go write an Outlook AddIn now which fixes the BCC problem.

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