GMail – false positives in spam

A few weeks ago, I started forwarding a big chunk of my mail to gmail. I just needed a web-based email system so that I could read it remotely better.

Overall, I like it quite a bit. I think there are a few UI nits, like the reply button being surprisingly well hidden, but its a good product. I even get a lot of spam, and Gmail seems to have the best spam filterer I’ve seen. It blocks all the bad stuff.

But today, I discovered a real problem. I’ve been suspicious for a few days that I wasn’t getting all my email. I just hadn’t heard from people that I knew were writing. At first I thought my forwarding was messed up (how could gmail miss this badly, right?) But today I discovered that its gmail falsely accusing my friends as being spammers.

I took a look at some of the emails that were filtered by gmail, and they look pretty innocuous. And they are from my friends/family directly – not from mailing lists or the like.


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