Political Correctness and the 49ers

When did our culture get so sensitive to every little remark, comment, or joke that might be interpreted as being offensive to anyone? Why can’t well all just recognize that not everyone likes everyone, and its actually okay?

The 49ers are getting blasted today for a PR-training video that leaked to the public. The video uses blatant politically incorrect humor and asks that the viewers embrace diversity. Its the contrast of the humor and the message which makes the video effective for its intended audience (mentally-underhorsepowered, arrogant, egotistical football players).

Groups they make fun of in the video:
– Chinese Americans/Immigrants
– Lesbians (including a rated-R scene)
– Homeless
– The SF Mayor (Gavin Newsom)

Want to see the video? Here is the link.

Oh well. Do we really need everyone to like everyone else? Can we no longer have the freedom to just get the say what we want? This video, while risque, aggressive in its approach, and definitely not a style I would ever use, does not encourage or condone hurting other people. So why do we care?

There are times when we’ll all be offended. Its okay. Its part of life. Lets move on.

By the way, the video was apparently made and used within the 49ers organization in August of last year. Until today, they never regretted the video or made any personnel changes. All of a sudden today, they are apologizing like they’d never seen it before or were shocked. So, clearly, they are only doing what they think we and the media want. Make sure they know its okay!

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