Can’t Close the Borders Anyway

Governor Schwarzenegger caused a bit of a stir when he suggested we need to “close the borders” yesterday. Apparently, this is somehow offensive.

The fact is, unfortunately, that even if we wanted to, we can no longer lock down on our borders in California. Why not? Well, we let too many Mexicans in already. Now they are here, many legally, and they vote. And they want to be able to bring their aunts, nephews, mothers, uncles, grandparents, grandchildren, nieces, etc into the US as well. How are they going to vote? Well, of course, they vote for their illegal resident relatives and their Mexico-residing relatives to be brought into the US legally. Wouldn’t you vote to have your uncle be allowed into our country?

To prove my point, consider California State Senator Gil Cedillo. This guy is so insane, he actually thinks illegal aliens should be legally issued drivers licenses in our state. No politician that wasn’t pandering to the immigrant vote would ever propose such absurd legislation. (Give legal rights to known criminals and no prosecute them for their illegal behavior? I thought our Senators were supposed to help enforce our laws?) So how does he stay elected? Well, we’ve already let enough of them into the state that they now have the power to elect him.

Some may think this blog entry indicates some sort of ethnic bias on my part. I have no ethnic bias. The fact is that those immigrating to the US from Mexico are largely uneducated and poor. 66% of those immigrating do not even have a high school education (see Center for Immigration Studies). The effect of this over the long term will simply mean a lower standard of living and lower benefits for the all of us. They will need more medical financial assistance, will be costlier to educate (they don’t speak english yet), and will consume more welfare dollars. We’ll either need to raise taxes, cut costs (like education and road maintenance for all), or lower benefits to the native poor that are already here. Oh yeah, we’re already doing those things!!!

Anyway, its very sad. Scwarzenegger, while now stating that he “misspoke”, was actually pretty spot on. We do need to close the borders to immigrants that offer absolutely no value to our society. We’ve got enough poor people here already, and we don’t need more unskilled labor. But its out of our control now. We’ve given them 8M legal votes in our state already. They’re not going to stop voting until our education systems, economic systems, welfare systems, and transportation systems are just as poor as they are back home in Mexico.

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