How you can tell Barry Bonds is on steroids

Barry Bonds complains a lot about how the media is always hounding him. I do feel sorry for him in this regard – he just wants a little space, and when he asks for it, the press calls him a jerk and hounds him more. OK – I guess thats the price of being such a celebrity.

But, much of the hounding is related to the public suspicion that he is using steroids. Major League Baseball doesn’t test their players, and for some reason which I cannot understand, thinks that they don’t need to. So, how can we possibly know?

Well, if Barry is so upset about being *accused* of being on steroids, why doesn’t he just submit voluntarily to being tested? I know its not required by MLB, but that is not to say tha the can’t do it on his own. If he is not using steroids, which he claims, then the test should be easy and conclusive. All of his troubles will go away.

But, he hasn’t done that. Why not? Concerned about privacy? He already has no privacy! At least if he did this (and cleared his name), he’d be a hero to baseball and make the press disappear. There is only one reason I can think of why he hasn’t done this – and thats because he probably is using steroids…

My prediction is that he’s weening off them now. Part of his lengthened injury report is to heal his knee injury (which, coincidentally, is similar to common side effects of using steroids!), but part could also be to retrain after getting off the juice.

One last note for the lawyers – I really make no claim that he is using steroids or not. Just trying to point out that it would be very easy for him to prove that he isn’t. And he hasn’t done that. And that looks pretty damning.

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