mt-blacklist installed

You may have read my earlier posts when I turned off comments on my blog. The reason for doing so was because I was only getting spammed, and it was just taking too much time for me to try to clean up. So, bye-bye comments.

Well, to help lift the spirits of the crushed spammers, I’ve turned comments and trackbacks on again. This time, with MT-blacklist protection!

I’m still running an ancient version of movable type. Not because I’m cheap, but because I spend too much time on system administration, and I just don’t want to take the time to upgrade.

MT-blacklist was pretty easy to install. Copy 5 scripts into your movable-type installation, and you are ready to go. I then accessed the blacklist script page, downloaded their rules for obliterating comment spam, and viola, I was up and running. I actually had a few errors on my first try to run it, but it was only due to incompatibilities to changes I had made myself to the movable type sources. I reverted those changes and all works great. You ask it to find the spam in your blog, and it does (so far with 100% accuracy!), and then it deletes them all for you and fixes up your blog.

So, if you’ve got movable type 2.6, get this mt-blacklist!

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