Lawyers going crazy!

I read this article today where eBay says that keyword pricing is getting a little nuts right now. I have to say, I agree.

Just a few days ago I read another article where someone pointed out that the legal industry is really going on a keyword buying binge. This is no surprise, as lawyers A) have too much money B) are very good at knowing how to get more money. How to get more money? Well advertise for your asbestos litigation, vioxx class action, medical malpractice, etc! And these are lucrative businesses, so your customer acquisition costs can be high.

So I did a little keyword comparison to see what people are paying for these terms right now. Its just crazy:

Keyword Price Per CLICK
Asbestos exposure $35.95
Mesothelioma Asbestos $37.29
Asbestos attorney $12.46
Personal injury lawyer $4.42
Vioxx lawyer $14.20
Medical malpractice $3.09
Auto accident attorney $2.26

Well, no wonder Google is getting rich. For the moment, the lawyers are paying Google!