Rojo Newsreader

If you read a lot of RSS, you should definitely check out a new service from a company called Rojo. Its “RSS Mojo”, they say.

They are still in beta, and they took a lesson from Gmail for how to gain users – you need to be part of the “in” crowd and get an invite from someone that is already a user!

But once you are in, there are several cool features. First, its a server side aggregator; but more than that, it allows you to tag and comment on articles which are interesting. You can also create a network of friends and share your content with them and they with you. Rojo’s engine then works hard to present to you the most relevant articles that others have found useful as well. Its a cool concept – I look forward to having more buddies using it so we can really get a try for the network effects of sharing RSS commentary.

Rojo was co-founded by Chris Alden, who is the co-founder of Red Herring magazine.