Blogs as a technical resource

I love blogs. There are a lot of smart people out there writing really great stuff about technical topics – especially from people that have actually *used* the technology rather than just documentation people…. But, being that anyone can write a blog, and being that everyone has a slightly different standard for what is “publish worthy”, there is a fair amount of misinformation out there!

As I dive into more obtuse topics of MC++ and C# and Office/Outlook, there are fewer and fewer resources to draw on. As such, when there is misinformation out there it becomes all the more apparent! I’m seeing a lot of it lately.

I wish I had a good answer. I’ve written to a few authors – and they are generally very receptive to trying to cleanup mistakes. But, boy, be careful.

But I’m probably guilty of it too. Who knows how much misinformation exists in this blog!