Python’s Does Not Not Have a Not

I’m new to Python; trying to write a little script.  I need to use the “not” operator.  At first, I tried the nearly universal ! operator.  Syntax error – that’s not it.  So I open my handy Python in a Nutshell book, and look up the operators (pg 36).  Sure enough, ! is not one of them.  Hmm.  So, I look in the index for “not”.  “not” is not there.  Could it be that Python has not got a not?

No, of course it does not not have a not.  I found the answer on pg 50 – the not operator is aptly named “not” – e.g. “if not foo:”

Not funny?  Not was not in the index!

Yay! They’re on Strike!

I don’t understand why we care that the TV & Movie writers are going on strike.  I think this is great! 

My reasoning comes from three angles.  First, how many times have we complained about the garbage on TV?  These are the guys that wrote that junk!  Do we really need federal mediators for this?

Second, we watch too much TV.  Every hour we spend in front of our TVs is an hour we could have spent, learning, working, cleaning the yard, fixing the bike, washing the car, volunteering at the library, reading, or researching who should be the next President.  There are so many better things to do than watch TV.

Third, cable just costs way too much.  Some people pay for service which is over $100/mo!  The cheapest is about $30/mo.  That means we’re paying $360-$1200 per year to be couch potatoes! 

How about if we all recognize this opportunity as a time when we can save ourselves some money and make our lives and our communities a better place to live?  OK – I can dream. 

The interesting part about this strike is that these guys have never been on strike in the Internet Era.  Will the Internet make it so that people don’t miss TV so much?  After all, if you want to watch stupid people, you can do that on YouTube.  I wonder if this strike will end up being good for Google?

Update: I really liked Marc A’s writeup on this.

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