MSN Desktop Search Summary

A lot of really nice things have been written about the Windows Desktop Search product. Hopefully worth noting!

“Windows Desktop Search is a top notch product that will satisfy the needs and wants of most users… A big thank you to everyone on the MSN Search team responsible for this product…”

    epiphany (this is an in-depth review)

“I think Microsoft has won this round against the rest of the competition.”

“I’ve used Google’s desktop search, and a few others, and I found MSN’s to be by far the best tool.”

“I saw Windows Desktop Search demonstrated on a co-workers computer, and I was blown away.”

“My personal favorite among this collection was MSN Desktop Search”

“Kudos to the MSN team… I can finally retire Lookout and use a single search tool across my entire system.”

Share the Road

Ever heard anyone say, “I hate bikers”? Well, I don’t hate them, but I sure am angry about sharing the road with them.

“Share the Road” should be a two way street. When was the last time you saw a biker actually stop at a stopsign? These turkeys want the cars to slow down and stop for them, but then they don’t take their own turn at the stoplights. I think most of them are so clipped in via their toe-clips they probably don’t even know how to stop without falling over.

Today I almost took out half of a 10 man biking team. They were riding right through a stopsign that I had legally stopped and looked both ways at. They just decided that I was supposed to “share” my right of way. Urgh.

If you are a biker, please obey traffic laws.

Blackberry hit for $450M

If you read my blog, you know that I think most of our country’s problems ultimately come down to lawyers. This last month, RIM (makers of the Blackberry Wireless Email devices) lost a major patent infringement case to NTP, settling the case for $450M. Thats just ridiculous, when you consider that the NTP guys innovate nothing, and is just a group of lawyers. They bought the patent with the pure intent of extorting money legally from innovative companies like RIM through our broken software patent laws.

Well, at least RIM is in Canada and NTP is here in the US. It’s always good to stick it to the Canadians.